Redefining Failure: Entrepreneurs Unveil the Transformative Journey of Failing as Evolution


In a world where success is often hailed as the ultimate goal, two visionary entrepreneurs, Dr. Akintoye Akindele and Olakunle Soriyan, are challenging the conventional narrative by presenting a refreshing perspective on failure. Their new book, “A Love Affair with Failure,” takes readers on a transformative journey, redefining failure as a crucial step in the evolution of entrepreneurial success.

The authors, with their diverse backgrounds and extensive experience, bring a unique perspective to the table. Dr. Akintoye Akindele, a renowned figure in the business world, serves as Chairman of Platform Capital and CEO of various successful enterprises. His passion for Africa’s growth and a doctorate in Business Administration (Finance) from the International School of Management in Paris underscore his commitment to innovative thinking.

Olakunle Soriyan, as Chief Awareness Officer of Kenneth Soriyan Research and Ideas LLC, has made it his mission to empower leaders worldwide. He is also the CEO of AFRICA Home, an organization connecting investors with African entrepreneurs and innovators. Soriyan’s dedication to personal and professional growth further enhances the book’s powerful message.

“A Love Affair with Failure” offers an insightful distinction between failure and failing. The authors emphasize that failure, as a noun, limits individuals to notions of finality, often associated with negative outcomes. In contrast, failing, a verb, signifies action and effort, serving as a crucial part of the journey towards something greater.

The book goes beyond a mere exploration of semantics. It delves into the importance of resilience and the necessity of embracing failures as stepping stones to success. Akindele and Soriyan believe that failure is not a destination but a mere construct that holds no power unless one accepts it. On the other hand, failing represents a continuous journey of growth, learning, and development.

Akindele explains, “We wrote this book because we do not believe in failure. We believe in failing.” This bold statement underscores the book’s central theme of viewing failing as a positive force. It is an act of courage, a prerequisite for success, and a triumph in itself, demonstrating the determination to explore new experiences and transcend limitations.

The authors’ backgrounds and life experiences lend credibility to their message. Akindele’s return to South Africa in 1995 marked the beginning of his vocal critique of the ANC, solidifying his place in the country’s political discourse. Soriyan’s extensive work with leaders globally, as well as his philanthropic efforts with organizations such as Eshirya Africa, demonstrate a deep commitment to fostering progress.

As readers immerse themselves in “A Love Affair with Failure,” they gain valuable insights into the essence of entrepreneurship and personal growth. The book encourages entrepreneurs to embrace the inevitable challenges that lie ahead, recognizing them as essential steps on the path to realizing their dreams. It instills a sense of resilience, teaching individuals not to fear failing but to view it as a catalyst for evolution.

The Fourth BizNews Conference, where Akindele and Soriyan will share their insights as keynote speakers, promises to be a platform for meaningful discussions and valuable takeaways. Their message of redefining failure aligns perfectly with the conference’s spirit of innovation and empowerment.

In a world where failure is often stigmatized, “Redefining Failure: Entrepreneurs Unveil the Transformative Journey of Failing as Evolution” shines as a beacon of inspiration. It challenges individuals to rethink their relationship with failure, embrace the process of failing, and unlock the boundless potential that lies within each setback.