Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Motorcade In Hot Water Over Unpaid Traffic Violations

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Motorcade

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, known for her stringent stance on traffic regulations, finds herself embroiled in controversy as her official motorcade’s persistent traffic violations come to light. Despite the mayor’s advocacy for stricter speed camera policies, her fleet of SUVs has accrued a mounting tally of unpaid traffic tickets, including violations for speeding and running red lights. These revelations, unveiled in a recent exposé by CWB Chicago, have sparked widespread criticism and accusations of hypocrisy.

According to the report, two of Lightfoot’s police-driven SUVs have been ticketed multiple times for speeding violations, with two warnings issued within the last month alone. Shockingly, the fines, amounting to a total of $658 since May 2021, remain unpaid as of the latest update. Moreover, one of the vehicles in the mayor’s motorcade faces the risk of being seized for failing to settle a $244 ticket incurred for running a red light in October 2021.

What is particularly damning is the fact that some of these violations were committed in sensitive areas such as school zones, where the safety of children was potentially endangered. Instances of the motorcade vehicles exceeding speed limits near schools, with children present, have raised concerns about the mayor’s commitment to the very safety measures she champions.

In response to the report, Lightfoot’s office emphasized that all citations undergo a meticulous review process before the Department of Finance determines responsibility for payment. The statement underscored that the Mayor has consistently emphasized the importance of traffic safety and denounced the act of running red lights.

However, political opponents and community figures have swiftly criticized Lightfoot for what they perceive as a blatant double standard. Alderman Raymond Lopez, who is vying for Lightfoot’s position, condemned the mayor’s hypocrisy, pointing out the disparity between her advocacy for road safety and her motorcade’s accumulating violations. Another mayoral candidate, Paul Vallas, took to Twitter to criticize Lightfoot’s alleged disregard for the rules she advocates, citing her mask mandate enforcement while being observed at public events without a mask.

Alderman Anthony Beale, who advocated for a higher speed threshold in the City Council, accused Lightfoot of hypocrisy, asserting that her failure to pay the accumulated fines highlighted a clear discrepancy between her expectations for the public and her own conduct.

The ongoing scandal has raised questions about the fairness of the city’s traffic enforcement system and has undoubtedly dealt a blow to Lightfoot’s credibility as an advocate for stricter traffic regulations. As the controversy unfolds, the mayor’s ability to enforce and abide by the very laws she champions remains in question, casting a shadow over her commitment to public safety.