Haines Insurance Opens its Doors in Newtown Borough: A Warm Welcome and Commitment to Community


Newtown Borough witnessed a momentous occasion on Saturday as the Newtown Business Association proudly welcomed Haines Insurance with a festive ribbon-cutting ceremony. This significant event marked the official opening of Haines Insurance at its new location, nestled at 118 North State Street, right next to the historic Newtown Theatre.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony, a symbol of new beginnings and community collaboration, was skillfully performed by agency owner Julie Haines, who wielded a giant pair of scissors. This momentous gesture was attended by an esteemed gathering that included several notable figures, reflecting the vibrant spirit of Newtown and its support for local businesses. Joining Haines were State Sen. Steve Santarsiero, State Rep. Perry Warren, Mayor John Burke, NBA President Dave Marcolla, and NBA board members Denise Alexander, Andy Rich, and Matt Peters, among others.

Excitement and positivity filled the air as NBA President Dave Marcella expressed the collective joy: “We’re here to celebrate. We’re very excited for Julie and her new location. And she’s very excited that her big day is here. We’re happy to have her as a part of the community and as part of our organization.”

State Sen. Steve Santarsiero also shared his enthusiasm for the occasion and the future of small businesses in the community: “It’s great to see another business opening in Newtown Borough. I’m also happy that in Harrisburg, we just passed the tax code that’s cutting the corporate net income tax, which will benefit our small businesses. So we hope to see more of this in our community in the future.”

Mayor John Burke warmly welcomed Haines and her insurance agency to the borough, acknowledging the vital role of independent businesses in the community’s success: “Independent businesses are what makes this country and our community so great. It’s about that courage and strength and mindset that says, ‘I’m going to own my own business and build it up from scratch.’ It’s a great thing, and this is a great place to locate a business.”

State Rep. Perry Warren also praised the new location, emphasizing its accessibility and the welcoming atmosphere that Haines Insurance will provide to clients seeking insurance solutions: “What a great location for a professional services business. It’s easily accessible, it has an extremely friendly staff, and it’s a place people will feel comfortable coming to address their insurance needs.”

Julie Haines, the driving force behind Haines Insurance, brings a wealth of experience and a personal touch to her agency. A Levittown native and Truman High School graduate, Haines has been in the insurance industry for an impressive 27 years before taking the bold step of opening her own agency in Croydon in 2020.

The inspiration to expand into Newtown arose during a visit to the historic Newtown Theatre with her sister. “My sister and I happened to be going to the Newtown Theatre one day, and my sister said I should look into opening an office in Newtown,” shared Haines. In April of this year, two years after establishing her first location in Croydon, she decided to bring her expertise and personalized approach to the Newtown area, opening an office at 118 North State Street.

As a seasoned insurance professional, Haines prides herself on her honesty, down-to-earth approach, and dedication to customer education. Her commitment to her clients spans from addressing their needs in a matter of minutes to spending hours to ensure they are well-informed. “I’m as honest as you can be. You’ll love me because I am down to earth. I will educate you. And I have built up a following since 1996,” said Haines. “I’m all about the customer, whether they need five minutes of my time or two hours.”

Haines Insurance specializes in a wide range of policies, including those for automobiles, homeowners, renters, condos, commercial properties, motorboats, RVs, and Travel Trailers. With contracts from 24 different carriers, Haines ensures that her clients have a comprehensive range of options to suit their unique needs.

During the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Haines urged attendees to consider the importance of reviewing their insurance policies. “When was the last time you reviewed your policy?” she asked. “Do you even know what type of policy or coverages you have? Are you overinsured? Are you underinsured? Has anyone ever really gone over this with you to even know what you have?”

Haines believes in going above and beyond, distinguishing herself as an insurance advocate for her clients. “I listen to the needs of my clients, and I try to accommodate,” she said. “I’m not your typical insurance agent. I’m all about the customer.”

While many insurance agents can provide rate quotes, Haines goes the extra mile, taking the time to educate her clients, ensuring they have a comprehensive understanding of their coverages and needs. This personalized approach ensures that her clients are well-prepared for any unforeseen circumstances, empowering them with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

“I want to be your advocate,” emphasized Haines, “so you know exactly what you have, and that you are insured with an A-rated carrier or better. Also, you have a voice with a face, someone you can trust, and someone who will assist you when the time is needed.”

Haines Insurance has established office hours on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10 am to 4 pm, ensuring accessibility for clients seeking assistance. For those interested in reaching out, the contact number is 267-812-5811, and inquiries can be directed via email to [email protected].

The opening of Haines Insurance in Newtown Borough marks a significant step in strengthening the local business landscape and providing the community with a reliable, customer-focused insurance resource. As Julie Haines and her team embark on this new chapter, they look forward to serving the community’s insurance needs, building strong relationships, and making a positive impact.