Boiling Springs Fire Department Proposes Innovative Headquarters to Address Growth and Traffic Challenges

The Boiling Springs Fire Department is gearing up for a transformative overhaul with the proposal of a cutting-edge headquarters station within the bustling Hartness Urban Village. The proposal stems from the persistent and rapid development on Greenville’s Eastside, coupled with the escalating traffic challenges along Pelham Street at I-85. To tackle these pressing issues, the department has initiated plans for a new headquarters that not only accommodates current needs but also anticipates and prepares for the expected growth in the region.

During a recent public assembly at the department’s local community building at 208 Blacks Drive, Chief Steve Graham and Public Affairs Liaison Taft Matney elucidated the urgency for a new headquarters. They emphasized that the existing station, constructed in 1980, has undergone several expansions, but is now hindered by its limited space, rendering any further expansion unfeasible. Matney underscored the need to consolidate administrative personnel, who are currently spread across four stations, under one roof to streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency.

An additional formidable challenge that the department faces is its impact on the surrounding traffic congestion. Chief Graham emphasized that the Department of Transportation has been examining potential intersection enhancements at the junction of I-85 and Pelham Road, with the station’s property being a potential consideration for these improvements. This crucial revelation underscores the department’s recognition of its role in the overall traffic situation and its proactive approach to finding a viable solution.

Rendering courtesy of Boiling Springs Fire Division and ADW Architects

In collaboration with Hartness, the department has identified an ideal site at the intersection of Hartness Drive and Garlington Road, approximately half a mile from the current station. The proposed 20,000-square-foot facility, situated on 2.5 acres of land, is poised not only to provide ample space for the department’s operations but also to strategically position the department for the expected future growth. The relocation is expected to enhance the department’s coverage along the Roper Mountain Road corridor while simultaneously minimizing service overlaps with neighboring departments to the north.

The ambitious project is estimated to require funding of up to $11.25 million, prompting the department to seek approval to issue general obligation bonds. An essential factor in the approval process is the fluctuating interest rates, prompting the department to aim for a 4% interest rate on a 20-year bond. Given the time sensitivity, the department is committed to securing the necessary approvals within the next few months to ensure favorable financial terms.

Founded by the South Carolina General Assembly in 1970, the Boiling Springs Fire Department has been steadfast in serving approximately 28,000 permanent residents on Greenville’s Eastside. With unwavering commitment, the department maintains an ISO Class 1 rating and employs 55 dedicated team members who work tirelessly to ensure the safety and well-being of the community they serve.

As the proposal progresses through the necessary stages of approval, the department remains resolute in its mission to ensure the safety and well-being of the community. The proposed headquarters not only symbolizes the department’s commitment to adapt to the evolving needs of the region but also signifies its proactive role in contributing to the overall development and safety of the area. As the plans for the new headquarters station continue to unfold, the department eagerly anticipates engaging with the community and stakeholders to ensure a comprehensive and effective implementation process. This collaborative effort is crucial to the successful realization of a modern, efficient, and community-oriented headquarters that will serve the area for years to come.