How Much Can Tree Removal Increase Your Property Value in Rhode Island?

Tree Removal

If your Rhode Island home has overgrown, dying, or problematic trees, removing them could significantly increase your property value. But how much value can a tree removal project really add?

Tree Problems That Hurt Curb Appeal and Value

Trees that are visibly damaged, dying, or drooping over the home will detract buyers. An unkempt tree canopy gives the impression of an ill-maintained property.

Specific problems that reduce curb appeal and property value include:

  • Dead branches or sparse leaves
  • Rotting trunks or splits in the tree
  • Leaning or lopsided trees
  • Broken limbs or damaged bark
  • Overgrown trees blocking views or signage
  • Branches touching the roof or siding

By removing failing or overgrown trees, you instantly upgrade your home’s curb appeal. This creates a better first impression for potential buyers. When you require tree service in Providence or throughout Rhode Island, our team is here to help at ED Professional Tree Service.

How Much Value Does Tree Removal Add?

Removing problematic trees and replanting attractive new ones can increase a home’s sale price significantly. Here are typical value boosts:

  • 2-5% increase – Removing a few small, dying trees and replanting with cute ornamentals like Japanese maples or dogwoods.
  • 5-10% increase – Taking down multiple large, overgrown evergreens blocking views of your home. Replacing with lower profile trees.
  • 10-15% increase – Major tree removal project opening up your home’s facade, entryway, or outdoor living spaces. Followed up with beautiful new landscaping.
  • 15-25% increase – Removing many mature trees that entirely hide or visually detract from your home. Completely transforming curb appeal with a new landscape design.

These are general estimates assuming the rest of your home is in good shape. Specific value gains depend on your home’s worth, the scope of removal and replanting, and how dramatic the transformation is.

Recouping the Costs of Tree Removal

A major tree removal project costs $1000 to $5000 on average for a single family home. But this upfront investment can result in an increased sale price of tens of thousands of dollars.

For example, removing large overgrown trees blocking your $300,000 home could cost around $4000. But after replanting with smaller ornamentals, the improved curb appeal could increase the value by $30,000.

Even if you aren’t selling soon, removing trees that damage your home or require frequent maintenance saves hassle and future repair costs. This prevents even more expenses down the road.

Should You Plant New Trees After Removing?

In most cases, yes. Replanting attractive, low-maintenance trees in strategic locations can maximize the benefits that trees provide. Unless you removed trees to create more usable yard space, new plantings can enhance the property value.

When choosing replacement trees in Rhode Island, go for native species that fit the mature size needed for the location. This avoids future problems with overgrowth. A certified arborist can help select the best trees for your goals.

What Are Costs of Tree Removal and Replacement in RI?

Tree removal costs vary greatly based on the tree’s size, location, access, and challenges. Typical price ranges are:

  • Small tree under 30 ft: $250-$500
  • Medium tree 30-60 ft: $500-$1500
  • Large tree over 60 ft: $1500+
  • Difficult removals like leaning over a home may cost up to $5000+

Replanting a similar sized nursery tree will add $200-$500 or more per tree depending on maturity.

Professional tree companies provide free estimates, considering all factors that impact your particular situation.

How Can I Increase My Curb Appeal With Trees?

If your front yard trees need only pruning or thinning, you can open them up to show off the home while maintaining a lush, mature landscape.

Planting attractive new front yard trees like dogwoods, Japanese maples, or magnolias can draw eyes to your home. Place them near the entrance or corners for maximum visibility.

Use flowering trees like redbuds and fruit trees for added seasonal interest. Just be sure to consider eventual size, litter, and avoid planting near overhead utilities.

By selectively removing and replacing trees, you can frame your home for maximum curb appeal. This makes a great first impression and can increase the perceived value.

Key Takeaways on Tree Removal and Property Value

  • Overgrown, dying, or hazardous trees can detract from property value. Removing them may help increase value.
  • Replant attractive, low-maintenance trees after removal to maximize benefits.
  • Curb appeal matters! Prune or replace front yard trees to showcase your home.
  • Each situation is different. Consult an RI arborist to determine which trees help or hurt your property value.
  • While tree removal costs can be high, the long-term property value increase may offset expenses.

Consulting an Arborist for the Best ROI

Not all tree removal increases property value. An arborist’s assessment helps determine which trees are hurting vs. helping your curb appeal and home value. They can also advise the best replacements for long-term vitality and beauty.

Making smart tree removal and planting decisions gives you the most return on investment. The project cost is recouped quickly when the right trees transform your home’s looks and perceived value.

So don’t let overgrown, diseased, or dying trees drag down your home’s appeal. Consult an arborist and make a strategic investment in tree removal and replacement for maximum property value increase.

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