US and Chinese economies are recovering

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US and Chinese economies

US and Chinese economies: (US) and China began to recover in the third quarter of 2022. The US economy in the third quarter grew 2.6 percent year on year (yoy), while China’s economy grew 3.9 percent yoy.In response to this, the Executive Director of the Segara Institute, Piter Abdullah, said that everything that happens to the US and Chinese economies will have an impact on the global economy, including Indonesia.

“What happens in the US and China will certainly have an impact on the global economy and also Indonesia. But not immediately, but there is a time lag. Even so, Piter assessed, positive economic growth in the third quarter was not enough to ensure that the US and China really recovered.

The process will still be long. The impact on the global and Indonesia will also take time. The so-called dark year next year, the year of recession, may not be as bad as previously predicted. Contacted separately, Economist at the Center of Reform on Economics (Core) Indonesia Yusuf Rendy Manilet said that the US’ exit from recession and China’s GDP which is also starting to show signs of recovery are good news for the global economy.
“With the conditions of the two countries, at least the recession that occurred especially this year can be minimized or the impact will not be that big.

Yusuf assessed that Indonesia would benefit greatly from the small proportion of net exports in the formation of GDP. “However, it is necessary to anticipate if the ones experiencing a recession are the main trading partner countries, including China, which will certainly affect Indonesia’s trade performance and revenues,” he concluded.

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