Wall Street’s Troubled 2022: A Global Impact and Signs of Recovery

Wall Street's Troubled 2022


Wall Street, a powerhouse representing nearly half of the world’s investible equities, serves as a critical barometer for investment markets worldwide. The tumultuous year of 2022 has left a significant mark on the global investment landscape, sending ripples of uncertainty across various economies, including South Africa.

The primary cause for concern revolves around mounting inflation and the potential ramifications this could have on the US economy. Fears loom over the possibility of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates to curb inflation, which could potentially trigger an economic downturn. Navigating this delicate balance poses a formidable challenge for the Fed, as it seeks to achieve a “Goldilocks” scenario—implementing rate hikes sufficient to cool down inflation without stifling economic growth.

Amidst these anxieties, a glimmer of hope emerged, hinting at a possible turning point for the markets. Speculations arose that the Federal Reserve might successfully navigate the treacherous waters, with indications suggesting that the peak of June’s 30-year-high inflation rate of 9.1% could be a pivotal moment. This prospect sparked a shift in sentiment, igniting the possibility of a revival for US stocks and potentially influencing global market dynamics, including those in South Africa.

Amidst the financial turbulence, South African news headlines were recently stirred by ANC veteran and inaugural chairman of Corruption Watch, Mavuso Msimang (80). Msimang’s call for President Cyril Ramaphosa to step down in light of the Phala Phala scandal marks a significant stance from a prominent figure within the ‘good’ faction of the ANC. In an in-depth conversation with Alec Hogg of BizNews.com, Msimang further expressed the controversial perspective that the ANC losing power in the 2024 National Election might be the best outcome for the party, offering a compelling insight into the internal dynamics of South Africa’s political landscape.

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