The Economic Progress Advisory Committee: Empowering Small Businesses in Craig

Small Businesses in Craig

The City of Craig has taken significant strides to bolster its local economy through the establishment of the Economic Progress Advisory Committee and the revitalized small business grant program. This initiative, aimed at fostering growth and development within the community, has recently garnered attention with the announcement of a fully appointed committee and the unveiling of the first set of business grant applications.

Following an extensive search for qualified committee members, the Economic Progress Advisory Committee now boasts a complete roster comprising individuals with diverse expertise in areas such as tourism, infrastructure, marketing, transit, finance, real estate, and business expansion. Chaired by the esteemed Chris Jones and supported by Vice Chairman Tony St. John, the committee is poised to make well-informed decisions to benefit the local business landscape.

Notably, the committee is also guided by a strict code of ethics, requiring members to disclose any potential conflicts of interest during the decision-making process. This ethical standard underscores the city’s commitment to transparency and fairness in the allocation of funds for the small business grant.

The initial round of grant applications brought to light the entrepreneurial aspirations of various local businesses, including Fessler’s Barbershop and Salon, Craig Steel and Salvage, and Chapman’s Automotive. Each of these businesses articulated their vision for growth and improvement, emphasizing the importance of the grant in furthering their goals.

Fessler’s Barbershop and Salon, led by owner Joshua Fessler, outlined plans to enhance its newly relocated establishment, emphasizing the need for expanded parking facilities to accommodate more customers and staff. Similarly, Craig Steel and Salvage, under new ownership by Iron Springs Business, sought funding to modernize its storefront and maintain the company’s long-standing reputation in the community. Chapman’s Automotive, known for its prominent presence on Victory Way, expressed the desire to revamp its signage to better reflect the business’s values and commitment to quality service.

With an allocated budget of $85,000 this year, the committee plans to disburse grants on a first-come, first-served basis, prioritizing businesses that have not received funding previously. Additionally, the maximum grant amount has been revised to $10,000, signaling the city’s efforts to support a wider array of businesses in their pursuit of growth and sustainability.

As the applications move through the final stages of approval, the city council is set to make the ultimate decision on the allocation of funds, reflecting a collaborative effort to invigorate the local business community and foster economic resilience in Craig. With the Economic Progress Advisory Committee at the helm, the future looks promising for small businesses seeking to thrive in the dynamic landscape of Craig’s entrepreneurial endeavors.